Our story

Our team has been involved in over 50 sustainability
reporting projects,
including 39 listed sustainability reports.

Aiphoria was established in Athens in 2013. We provide specialist sustainability support to companies across the SE Europe region. We are a team of dedicated sustainability specialists.

We are committed to working alongside companies to understand the business risks and opportunities that sustainability issues pose, and how best to apply those within existing company structures and strategies. We have a solid reputation regarding our expertise and services, and work on a retained basis with the majority of our clients.

We are experienced guiding companies new to sustainability and also offer insights to sustainability leaders.

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Our Executives and Advisors

We are sustainability experts with a wide range of international and industry sector experience.

Giorgos Iliopoulos

Managing Director

Giorgos Iliopoulos is the founder and Managing Director of Aiphoria. He is an experienced Sustainability Consultant and trainer of corporate executives. He is also member of the Board and Secretary General of the Union of Environmental Scientists of Greece.

He has special knowledge and experience in a wide range of CSR and Sustainability services, like strategy development for organizations, CSR/Sustainability Reporting, GRI-G4 Guidelines, materiality assessment, training, carbon footprint and offsetting, stakeholder engagement, SROI analysis and Management Systems. Giorgos is a Certified Lead Auditor for Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001).

Giorgos is one of the most experienced Sustainability Consultants in Southeastern Europe in Sustainability Reporting since he has participated in or led the process of development of more than 49 CSR/Sustainability Reports for big multinational companies from various sectors and countries.

Giorgos holds a degree in Environmental Science and an MSc in Environmental Policy & Management, and he speaks Greek, English, and Italian. He also can survive in Italy and Germany.

Grigoris Anagnostopoulos


Grigoris Anagnostopoulos is an experienced Environmental Engineer with a strong background in risk analysis and natural hazards mitigation. Grigoris holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a PhD on hydrological modelling of slope stability under the impact of climate change from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich).

Grigoris has a significant research experience in the fields of climate change, statistics, risk analysis and hydrological modelling and very strong background in programming and implementing numerical modelling techniques. He authored and co-authored several publications in international journals and presented his work in international conferences. He worked for several years as a specialised software develloper, develloping software used by numerous practicing engineers on a daily basis in many countries around the world.

He is expert in Carbon footprint and offsetting services, as well as Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Strategy and Benchmarking.Grigoris speaks Greek, English, German and French.

Fani Xylouri


Fani Xylouri is a Sustainability Consultant and experienced project manager. She has worked on national, international and EU backed projects. Owing to her experience Fani has the ability to build strong and long-lasting relationships, to promote ideas and uncover opportunities that assure valuable outcomes and better performance of companies and their key stakeholders while promoting sustainability in business.

Fani holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, an MBA in Marketing and an MSc. in Industrial Ecology.

Fani has advanced knowledge on CSR, Sustainable Business Model Design, Industrial Ecology, Circular Economy and Stakeholder engagement. Additionally, her knowledge and experience are extended to various approaches of sustainability fields as system-thinking (e.g. Backasting) and supporting tools such as LCA, Carbon Footprint and Eco-Controlling. Fani can offer Sustainability Strategy services, Reporting & Communications, as well as Life Cycle Assessment.

Myrto Lora Devetzoglou


Myrto Lora Devetzoglou is a professional in Quality Management and Regulation Affairs. Myrto holds a BSc in Chemistry from University of Athens and a MSc in Toxicology from the University of Surrey, and speaks Greek, English and German.

Myrto has professional experience in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Operations and Health & Safety in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and material industry and is an IRCA certified ISO 9001 Auditor. Myrto has specialized knowledge in Product Hazard Classification and Labelling according to the REACH and CLP Regulations and composition of Safety Data Sheets. Moreover, Myrto can provide consultation for a number of Quality and Health and Safety related issues, as well as Sustainability Strategy and Management Systems services.

Christos Sakellariou


Christos is a versatile Finance and Accounting professional with over eight years of experience and multiple professional qualifications spanning financial auditing and risk assessment, general financial accounting, corporate tax law and accounting, and evaluation of financial control systems, reports, and statements. He is experienced in Financial and Non-financial reporting, corporate governance, internal controls, internal audit, as well as assurance, verification and certification. He is fluent in English and Greek and he also speaks German and Italian. 

Despoina Samourkasoglou

Art Director

Despoina is a senior graphics designer with more than 25 years of experience in various roles and sectors.

She has worked as a graphics designer, Art Director, entrepreneur, web designer and trainer. Despoina has notable experience with CSR and Sustainability projects since she has been involved in the graphics design of dozens of CSR/Sustainability Reports for a series of multinational companies coming from a variety of sectors.

In Aiphoria, Despoina is involved in Sustainability Reporting and Communications services. 
Despoina speaks Greek and English.

Dimitra Papaki

Junior Consultant

Dimitra is an Environmental Engineer with interest in Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental management. She became part of Aiphoria in the context of her internship and she is now involved in various projects with a supporting role.
Dimitra speaks Greek, English and German.

Our clients

We are proud to have worked with many leading-edge companies, in terms of sustainability in the SE Europe context. Many of our clients have gone on to win both local and global recognition for their sustainability and reporting. We have been privileged to have worked with many of these companies on a retainer basis.

How We Help Our Clients

Our depth of experience helps us develop solutions for specific client needs. This means our clients are able to achieve maximum results in a cost-effective way, be it to embed sustainability into the company culture or to communicate the company’s activities in a GRI compliant sustainability report.We offer a personalised approach to each client. Depending on their objectives and stage in the sustainability journey, we offer a mixture of strategic advice, guidance on reporting, tailored training and assurance (internal or external).
• We have helped produce over 50 Sustainability Reports.
• We have worked with 17 listed companies in stock exchanges.
• Many of our clients have gained recognition for their sustainability efforts.
• We work on a retainer basis.


We have worked with clients from a wide range of sectors. This give us the privilege to have insights regarding sustainability management from almost every sector. Indicatively we have worked with companies from the following sectors:

• Banking
• Insurance
• Mining
• Metals
• Energy production
• Energy utilities
• Construction
• Construction materials 
• Pharmaceutical 

• Gaming
• NGOs
• Industrial
• Services
• Food processing
• Travel
• Facilities management
• Concessions


In the constantly evolving corporate sustainability landscape, strong relationships with trusted partners are essential to maintaining a leadership position.
Aiphoria cooperated with various institutions and organizations in the field of CSR & Sustainability aiming at the promotion of the sustainability agenda worldwide.

University of the Aegean

University of the Aegean is one of the leading Universities in Greece in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability Management, Tourism, Shipping, Marine Sciences, etc. Aiphoria cooperates with the University of the Aegean within the context of various projects and research.

Department of Environment

The Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean is a pioneer in education and research into a wide range of environment-related topics such as Ecology, Economics, Education, Politics, Engineering and Pollution, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Aiphoria cooperates with the Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean within the context of various projects and research.

CSR Hellas

The Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Hellas) is a non-profit business association established in June 2000 by a group of companies and business associations, in order to disseminate the values of CSR, and promote it in both the business world and society as a whole.

It consists of over 150 companies and business associations, all sensitive to issues concerning the society and the environment, and which have incorporated in their practices various CSR and Sustainability programmes. Aiphoria participates in CSR Hellas as a member.

CSR Wire

CSRwire is a digital media platform for the latest news, views and reports in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability. Founded in 1999 to advance the movement toward a more economically just and environmentally sustainable society and away from single bottom line capitalism, CSRwire has paved the way for new standards of corporate citizenship, earning the international respect of thought leaders, business leaders, academics, researchers, activists and the media.

Union of Environmental Scientists of Greece

Union of Environmental Scientists of Greece aims at promoting the environmental protection agenda in the society, supporting various initiatives, events, participating in projects and expressing the scientific opinion of its members.

Join us

We often have roles available in sustainability and corporate responsibility at Aiphoria and we regularly offer entry-level opportunities through our researcher internships.

If you have entrepreneurial flair. If you think being responsible as business and as individuals is a great thing. If you have a curious mind and are open to helping our clients build better businesses. If you are, or want to become, an expert in sustainability. If you want to work with and learn from phenomenal colleagues across the globe. You sound like our kind of colleague. We want to hear from you.

Applicants are invited to send CVs along with a Cover Letter outlining your experience and current/ expected salary to Giorgos Iliopoulos  Shortlisted candidates will be notified individually.

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