AIPHORIA provides several sustainability reporting services,
including assistance with sustainability reporting, GRI Guidelines and Standards, CDP, B-Corp Applications, EcoVadis assessments and many more.

Sustainability Reporting

Earn the trust you seek through effective, transparent reporting. Protect the value in your business using communication with targeted audiences, focused on relevant issues. Make your reporting work for you.

Annual CSR reports are becoming much more common in the business world. Creating your organization's first CSR / Sustainability Report can be a daunting and time-consuming task. AIPHORIA can help your organization create a world-class CSR / Sustainability Report in a fraction of the time and effort needed for a typical first-time report. We help put together the structure that is best for your business so you can best tell your sustainability story.

AIPHORIA specializes is helping organizations complete and file the major sustainability reporting standards, such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), LEED, Company Surveys and others. Whether you need help throughout the entire process or you just need your entries to be checked before submission - we can help.

What is it?
Sustainability reporting enables the reporting of environmental, social and governance information beyond the scope of traditional financial reporting. Most organisations may already know a little, such as reporting in safety and human resource management, environmental management or community investment.

Isn’t it just for our PR Team?
It’s far from being a ‘feel-good’ factor in business! Those days are long gone. Wider ‘sustainability’ risks and opportunities are recognised the world over by CEOs.

My investors want to know?
Extra-financial (sometimes referred to as non-financial) information is increasingly used by investors to assess externalities which will be reflected in stock performance in the long term. Call us for an example, or two.

Experienced corporate reporters as well as first-timers seek our support. Many stick with us year after year to refine their reporting practices.

Our team has reporting experience of total 50 sustainability reports. This makes AIPHORIA one of the most experienced Sustainability Consultancy in South-Eastern Europe.

You will benefit from AIPHORIA’s support in the following:
• Report planning
• Benchmarking against others
• Using guidelines and frameworks. We’re fluent in GRI, ISO 26000, AA1000APS
• Materiality assessment  Understand, define and prioritise what matters most
• Alignment with your governance arrangements, including Sustainability Committee development
• Stakeholder engagement 
• Collating data (including GHG Accounting)
• Data management
• Pre-assurance checks
• Independent third-party review prior to publication

Business Reporting on the SDGs

It’s becoming widely accepted that business has a critical role to play in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the same time, there is increasing pressure on business leaders to provide information on a much broader basis to multiple stakeholders - such as investors, employees, customers and suppliers. Changing dynamics in these stakeholder relationships and a need to build and maintain trust, has put increased transparency high on the priority list for business leaders. Demonstrating the wider impact of a business’ operations is no longer optional for leading businesses.

The Global Goals give us a globally agreed set of targets to address the world's most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges and can be used to provide the perfect framework for business to report on their impact and contribution to society. But there’s a need for a consistent approach in how business is reporting this contribution. This will allow companies to be transparent about their operations, enable investors to make informed decisions and give governments an understanding of how business is contributing to the goals in their country.

That’s why we’re supporting the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and GRI, the world’s leading organisation for sustainability reporting, to create a mechanism to help businesses prioritise and report on the SDGs.

EcoVadis and B-Corporation Applications

Is your organization going through the B-Corp application process or and EcoVadis assessment? We can help guide you. We can explain which questions are most significant and ensure that you get the maximum amount of points possible. 

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